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Benefits of Google Hangouts

Communication is very important in businesses and in the world at large. Google has been on the forefront of innovation. From search engines to email to online communication, Google has revolutionized the way we use the internet. It is constantly coming up with new ideas that are user friendly and very helpful to most consumers as well as businesses. The company recently launched Google hangouts which made the world a lot more social and is widely used by one digital marketing agency in particular. Google is very creative and proactive and the launch of hangouts which is connecting people in new ways. The Google Hangout was introduced to replace, or at least supplement, Google Talk and Gchat. Google Hangout on air allows users to stream live whatever information they want to put across while chatting at the same time. This is expected to change the businesses across different geographies interact with each other.

Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are useful to businesses. The first benefit is that they allow ease of communication and limits the need for physical movement during communication. Google Hangout allows people in a group to communicate with each other all at the same time via texting or video conferencing. In a business, meetings can be held through Google Hangouts on Air and help reduce communication costs, for example costs of traveling to a business meeting. Goggle Hangouts have accounts for corporate or large businesses that allow them to have up to fifteen people in a video call and up to one hundred people on a text chat. This has been welcomed and appreciated by the business community.

Another major benefit of Google Hangout is that it allows people within the business to share information easily and quickly. Hangout on Air allows users to stream live information through the video call and even in websites such as YouTube. This allows members of the organization to easily share and access useful information anytime from anywhere. Generally Google Hangout is beneficial to businesses because it allows them to schedule broadcasts and carry out live streaming, have interactive conversations with different people from different parts of the world at the same time and customize how they interact with their participants.

One must keep in mind here that Google could soon be facing stiff competition from the likes of Skype and Facebook if they roll out a similar facility. In order for Google to remain on the bleeding edge of this new technology, they must ensure that the interface of Hangout is smooth and easy for anyone to activate and operate.

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