Top Spots To Rage At in DC

The Best Vegas-Style Nightclubs in Washington, DC

Washington DC is graced with a variety of the Vegas-style night clubs, and some examples of these include the Grand Central, the Top Jazz and the Vegas Lounge clubs. It is in these clubs that one is able to have elegant experiences of live performances from well-known artists and stimulating music genres that range from rock and roll to swing. One of the top lounges in DC is the Huxley.

These night clubs enforce some very strict dress codes where the patrons’ outfits are usually the same. As with all classy clubs, gentlemen are supposed to adhere to some patchwork of exemptions and elegant suits while the ladies are required to get along with any attire that suggests that they attempted to be stylish. It’s not uncommon for these well to do folks to wear the latest creations of well-known Hollywood fashion designers ranging from the haute-couture to the avant-garde.

Besides the music and the dress codes, there are diverse meals that are specially cooked by seasoned chefs using the freshest ingredients from all over the world, and the meal selection is left to the clients’ discretion depending on their tastes and purchasing ability. You can expect exquisite and sumptuous specialty meals all the way from the Far East to the hidden nooks of Paris, France.

Concerning drinks, one unique characteristic in the Vegas-style night clubs is that they embrace the bottle service method of serving clients with liquor. This is a method of selling and purchasing liquor and other table reservations considered to be common among the very important persons, hence being regarded as a premium style for treating VIP clients. The method is associated with several advantages, and the ease of gaining access to beer or reservations in an overcrowded nightclub is one of them.

The other advantage is that the bottle service clients are sometimes exempted from the normal cover charge, thus becoming the beneficiaries of the liquor discount merit. The bottle service method also has the advantage of comfort, owing to the fact that there are sections in these nightclubs that are provided with comfortable seats for the elite persons or the VIPs. These sections are also favorable for interacting with people of the opposite sex – a practice valued in many nightclubs.

Precisely, the Vegas-style nightclubs are usually the most prestigious places to spend a night as they provide the most exciting form of entertainment specially for the rich and famous whose money knows no bounds for a great night in town!

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